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Kulturbundbühne (Jüdischer Kulturbund : [1935?-1939?])


Kulturbundbühne / Jüdischer Kulturbund (Berlin, Germany : [1935?-1939?])

Varying Title:
Kulturbundbühne des Jüdischen Kulturbundes

Jüdischer Kulturbund (German for "Jewish cultural association") was a "German Jewish organization founded in Berlin in May 1933 when the National Socialist regime dismissed Jewish high school teachers, artists, and authors from their positions and excluded all Jews from German cultural life. The Juedischer Kulturbund was initiated by Kurt Baumann, a young theater director, and directed by Kurt Singer, who was a physician and a musician and a director of the Berlin Opera. Singer engaged some good Jewish artists to perform and also organized a series of lectures on scientific subjects. Their existence was accepted by the Gestapo only after the words 'German Jews' were eliminated from its title and their activities were under Nazi scrutiny. The Juedischer Kulturbund devoted itself to extensively spreading interest in Jewish art and culture in spite of the Nazi persecution and worked to secure continued cultural activity by providing funds from the resources of its members and through the communities themselves. Evidently the work of the Juedischer Kulturbund largely helped to maintain a closely knit Jewish population and awaken a love for the land of Israel by promoting Zionist ideas." (Source: Ansbacher, B. Mordechai, and Michael Berenbaum. "Juedischer Kulturbund." Encyclopaedia Judaica. Ed. Michael Berenbaum and Fred Skolnik. 2nd ed. Vol. 11. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2007. 570. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 24 July 2013.)

Dates of Publication:
Jahrgang 3 (1935)-[Jahrgang 7 (1939)?]

Digitized Holdings:
Jahrgang 3, Nr. 3 (März 1935) - Jahrgang 7, Nr. 1 (Januar 1939) (INCOMPLETE HOLDINGS)

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Publisher Berlin: Verlag Schmoller & Gordon, [1935?-1939?].
Language German
Call number B1080
Digitizing sponsor Leo Baeck Institute Library
Book contributor Leo Baeck Institute Library Periodical Collection
Collection lbiperiodicals; americana; LeoBaeckInstitute
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